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Newgrounds Tanks Awards 09 video results!

2010-04-30 20:46:49 by Noodle

Hopefully the staff has no problem with me posting this for everyone to see.
I don't think it should be an issue, because it was a live event, and not something super secretive.

Newgrounds broadcasted the awards over Stickam with the beautiful Tom Fulp hosting the event.
Awards include:
Movie of the Year
Game of the Year
Musician of the Year

User of the Year.

I recorded the event off of Stickam, and recorded the sound seperately. I made an effort to make the quite parts louder and the overly loud parts quiter. I think it worked pretty well. Not perfect, but we're Newgrounders. We don't always have the highest standards for videos ;)
The first 40 seconds or so are them getting set up, so you can't hear much. Just make sure the volume is up for the rest, and you should hear it just fine.

Enjoy guys!
And happy birthday Tom!!

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2010-05-11 13:32:27

Level up???????????????????????????????Chin g chong beautiful so had to win..............................TARB OY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!........


2010-05-08 12:22:36

Lol Tomamoto's name showed up early.


2010-05-07 21:08:19

Level up sucked.


2010-05-07 09:45:23

Cool! I was expecting Tarboy to win for movie of the year but level-up was a total surprise--I was expecting Ching Chong Beautiful. I am also happy for both Hania an TomaMoto, both of you are very deserving of those awards. Anyway, congratulations to all the winners!


2010-05-06 23:30:47

So... Am I the only person here who actually agrees with Level Up's award?


2010-05-06 15:46:14

For some reason I thought the user would be Egoraptor once he said voice, but it was tamamoto, they do collabs and stuff like girlchan they are both great. Egoraptor is a bit insane though. At least he's AWESOME.


2010-05-05 18:36:56

i can hear that there are less than 20 people in that room... maybe less than 10


2010-05-05 17:41:08

Congrats to all those brave tankers.


2010-05-05 06:37:19

lol at 42 seconds in.. "SILENCE!!!"


2010-05-05 04:01:36

Grat's to all the winners. Well picked.
Tomamoto deserved user of the year. <3 Couldn't have gone to a better candidate. All'a you fags don't even know how great he really is.


2010-05-04 07:11:36

congratulations to all who won!!! i wanted LOTD to win tho it was freaking awesome but tarboy deserved it too.


2010-05-03 21:44:09

I cant see his beutiful face


2010-05-03 19:33:10

The last of the dashkins should have won!!!...congrats to the winners


2010-05-03 06:58:32

Bad Choices


2010-05-03 00:08:17

Contrast to all the winners! And a shout out to the good work to all the others nominated. Was a year of great work!


2010-05-02 22:40:56

IMO alice is dead should have been a candidate


2010-05-02 22:00:02

Tom, you're pretty cool, you should host the Oscars next year..............


2010-05-02 21:45:13

I'm glad that there's documented evidence of a certain robot having a computing error and messing up the User of the Year announcement.


2010-05-02 21:10:41

Btw, MrExplosion, the winner, was Tomamoto.


2010-05-02 21:08:54

I'm sorry to say that the quality was horrible. But at least there was clearity, so I could tell who won what.


2010-05-02 19:34:55

who was the user i couldn't hear?


2010-05-02 19:32:42

oh wow!!!!!!
IM GOING TO PLAY LEVEL UP NOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-05-02 18:09:55

Tarboy was awesome and Level Up was fun. Personally, I think William and Sly should of won, but I'm not going to bitch about it. It should at the very least be mentioned though...


2010-05-02 16:57:52

Lol i haven't even played levelup yet, when did it came out?


2010-05-02 16:05:55

That was the best 7 min N 53sec of my life..... Yahhh!!


2010-05-02 14:19:01

Time Fcuk should've won stright away. It was fun and the eerie atmosphere was both disturbing and beautyful at the same time. I didn't get Level Up, got bored halfway trough it. Maybe if gave it another chance I will be able to fully apreciate it, we'll see.

Congrats anyway


2010-05-02 13:55:10

Level up! : Beautiful Fcuk

Run! last fruit, War boy!


2010-05-02 12:36:49

level up best game??? are you drug or what? that game sucks
WHY WORLD? WHY? why miami shark wasn´t on the finalist? damn you are idiots


2010-05-02 12:33:51

Thanks for posting this.


2010-05-02 12:05:01

wow luis won,he nevr wins enything /:)


2010-05-02 09:24:22

What? Turtle Toss didn't make it to the top 5 games? No way! lol

Congrats Tomar!!!


2010-05-02 07:57:06

I dont think people were too thrilled when they found out level up was the game of the year. XD Kewl vid, and nice fail capture when they showed user of the year early. =P


2010-05-02 06:30:24

I'm so happy tarboy won! It's what got me back into watching flash animation. I'm not sure how I feel about level up winning, but it was a great game! I now want to try some voice acting!


2010-05-02 06:26:02

How the HELL didn't Toss The Turtle win Game Of The Year!!?
It was probably the most popular, addictive, and fun games from Newgrounds in '09
-Shits Ridiculous!!


2010-05-02 06:22:57

Tarboy DEFINETELY deserved to win.
When they were announcing user of the year I expected egoraptor with all his voice acting! :P
srsly, who was that?


2010-05-02 06:15:35

Thanks Goatse-Man


2010-05-02 05:29:33

Tar boy was pretty good but i don`t agree with level up though.


2010-05-02 03:18:47

Oh yeah! Tarboy was awesome!


2010-05-02 02:19:19

and i wanted maestrorege to win an award!


2010-05-02 00:59:47

I nearly clapped while watching this :b

Congrats to the winners.


2010-05-02 00:55:55

That is a huge television screen.


2010-05-02 00:47:03

yes it wasn't like last year where the winners sucked in comparison to the others


2010-05-01 23:52:41

:D oh wait it was from last year >:(


2010-05-01 22:06:52

Next yr, u should put a voting thingy online for all ng users. that way, u can show us the winner and nominees according to the judges and also the winner and nominees according to us.


2010-05-01 21:44:07

fun video :)


2010-05-01 21:38:11

Closure and Time Fcuk were kind of dull and colorless.


2010-05-01 21:33:25

How the hell did Level Up win? I fuckin hated it. How did Closure even get nominated? At least Miami Shark, Portal Defenders or Epic Battle Fantasy should've got nominated.


2010-05-01 21:02:48

Also, congrats on your post. The staff didn't just have no problem with it. Liljim posted it on the latest news post!


2010-05-01 19:46:00

I got to see the whole thing live! I'm one of a lucky few.


2010-05-01 19:33:20

How the hell did Level Up beat Gretel and Hansel or Time Fcuk?
Hell, how did it even beat Ching Chong Beutiful or Closure?