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Flash Forward Jam

Posted by Noodle - April 2nd, 2022

I LOVE the idea behind the Flash Forward Jam. Proving that it is still a viable medium, while challenging creators to channel that old browser game mentality and presentation. I wish I had the time to make something for it myself! Hopefully next year.

In the meantime, I want to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the Flash Forward Jam 2022! There's buttloads of cash prizes to be won! I desperately want this to become a yearly event, OR (even better) bring Flash back to a level of viability where an event like this no longer feels necessary.

I just released a video showcasing the majority of the 51 submissions that took part last year. It was a great turnout! A huge thank you to @bomtoons @butzbo @cyberdevil @dungeonation @guy-unger @matt-likes-swords @starblinky @tomfulp and @johnnyutah for answering questions on their participation, and indulging me in a shared appreciation for all things Flash related!




Long live Ruffle and NG <3

Hear hear!

Re: Flash emulation, there's also the CheerpX virtual player which can technically run the entire gamut of flash games as it _emulates the entire flash player 32 x86 executable in WASM_ but it's understandable if it wasn't mentioned, given that they only seem to be targeting enterprise users, so most of the talk surrounding it was in even more niche areas than ruffle - they don't seem to care about publicity and it shows.

It also doesn't help that they're probably charging out the ass for the right to use it. When their pricing page redirects to a "contact us" page instead of mentioning a price, you *know* they're angling for the corporate big bucks.

I had not heard of that one! You probably hit the nail on the head. They simply aren't targeting day-to-day casual users. If they're going to charge out the wazoo for it, it's all the more reason to support Ruffle ;)

Had totally forgotten about this! :D What an awesome surprise, and honor to be showcased among such a collective of iconic artists with something as simple as the thing I did for this thing last year.

This feels almost like a full on documentary. A real testament to the tenacity, flexibility and fun of said form. May Flash be forever! NG too. Great work on this.

I'm not surprised it was forgotten haha. I imagine most people who helped out forgot over the course of a year!
You actually had another response that went into the "secrets" of Flash. Talking about rescaling windows, jumping frames, tabbing through buttons - and how it became this meta game between users and developers to start making use of that stuff intentionally. I LOVED what you had to say on it, but I couldn't fold it in without it feeling like it had veered off topic.
But I'm hoping someday I can do a video that specifically shows off some of the best examples of that specific thing! So an extra thank you guys out to you, for reminding me how fun that aspect of Flash games could be!

When Ruffle supports AS3 I will seriously start considering using it as my main game engine!

Long live Flash!

@matt-likes-swords I wonder if Ruffle desktop will rival AIR when AS3 support is eventually finished. Well, probably not since certain features like WebViews won't be available unless Chrome is bundled with it, and I doubt the team's gonna do that (for the foreseeable future anyways) but a man can dream.

@Gimmick I don't even need most of the features, just give me fast vector graphics, basic coding stuff, and a way to unlock Steam achievements.

I'm glad you remembered it at least. XD

Ah I do remember that! Hearing my answers read out loud here I feel I could've kept 'em a bit more concise too, may not have been ideal form for speaking.

But that sounds fun! :D Looking forward to it. Might pick up some tricks I wasn't privy to earlier... and the world will once again know the wonders thereof!