Return to Riddle School updated

2017-05-17 15:24:22 by Noodle

One of the main complaints I received for Return to Riddle School was that it was too small. It was a game released in 2016 with the small resolution of a Flash game from a decade ago!

I'm pleased to share an updated release of the game that is now 1.5x bigger!!


Say goodbye to the 650x450 game of the past, and say hello to the new 975x675 resolution! I wish I had made this change from the beginning. It shows off the art better, and make some of the item hunting less of a pain. It doesn't come down to a pixel-perfect click anymore.

I hope you guys enjoy the update! Cheers :)


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2017-06-06 04:55:56

awesome game i got all the madles