Entry #52

An overview of Fancy Pants Adventures

2017-09-13 12:13:16 by Noodle

Over a year ago I started this "Flashlight" series, where I look at the history of different Flash series! I was really excited about the idea, but wasn't too happy with the original video on Sentry Knight. It turned into more of a review, and lost it's focus. I also sound like eeyore while reading the script.

Here is my attempt to revive the series with an overview of Fancy Pants Adventures, in honor of Super Fancy Pants Adventure coming out later this month!

I hope you guys enjoy it, I really would love some feedback to help craft future installments!!

And I'll hide this at the bottom of the post here...

The channel does have a Patreon page, and a new goal has been added to help fund the Flashlight series. I would really love to do at least one of these a month! But it is pretty time consuming. Please only give if you can, or if you feel it's worth it. But please also consider becoming a NG Supporter first, then you can visit my Patreon if you still have some spare change. Cheers!


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2017-09-13 14:40:39

Very interesting and entertaining video! Thanks for making!


2017-09-13 14:57:03

Really good idea for a series. There's so much content out there on retro games, triple A titles, and even indie games. But no one seems to talk about old browser games.