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At first I thought this was going to be only the Joker (you know, like, Mr. Jay). Really cool to hear you do an offical demo! Hearing all of these back to back is super impressive.

This one is really well done too. Sometimes people spend too much time on each clip. I liked how quick the cuts were here, so you could hear as much as possible in a really short amount of time. Be sure this is the first thing you show people when you advertise yourself, it's fantasitc!

I'm glad the giggly girls made it in ;)

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JayWEccent responds:

Thank you so much. That truly means a lot to me.


There was so much going on that I actually almost missed the original Loop in there. Once I picked it out (before the point where it does it near regularily) everything came together magically!
So familiar, yet completely new!

The old loops is a Newgrounds staple, and it's very interesting to see it flipped and spiced up like this! Props to you man, this is great.

Definately looking forward to seeing what Luis intends to use it for :)

Rucklo responds:

There is no loop from the original tune. I've remade it (assuming you're talking about the beat) from scratch.

Thanks alot for the review!


The first time I heard this I was in search of a song for my new movie.
It had to be atleast semi space-like, and just sort of mid paced.

Right away the original stood out to me. So I checked out this remix, and BAM!
I knew that it would fit perfectly!
I loved just sitting there listening to it groove.
I listened to it through start to finish about 3 times, then stuck it in my movie.

Great work man, and thanks a lot!

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JohnDare responds:

oh yeah! Thanks!


A really awesome piece.
Do you make music professionally, or is this just a hobby you have? Either way, great work. I can't wait to see more from you in the Portal!

The piece is very clean, and funky. Everything synches up perfectly.
Again, really a great piece of music.

P.S. You have two very talented sons ;)

HowardPain responds:

Making music is just a hobby to me, but I sometimes work as a semipro musician - when I have the time, and play i several bands. Glad you enjoyed the piece :)

PS. Yes, my sons are the best :)

Great work!

I love this song!
I've listened to it like 10 times, and it just doens't get old.
There are so many situations I can imagine this being used as background music in movies.
Hopefully it gets some more attention, because it certainly deserves it!


This song is so smoothing and dramatic.
It feels like there's a lot of passion in it.
My favorite parts are were the drums stop for a couple seconds, then it all picks up again. It adds a lot to the tone.

Beautifully done song.
I think I'll add it to my favorites.

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Hey buddy

I used your song, but I guess I never properly thanked you with a review.
Great little loop.
Who cares if it's made of pre-made loops. It still sounds great, and those loops are there to be put to use.
Great song, and I've gotten several comments on the movie saying how well the music fits in.
So thanks again :D

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I love this song, but when i first heard this loop, I thought for sure you had just taken part of the song as your own.
I actually opened up my music and listened to the actualy song, and could here two differences.
1) The drums to sound a lot more 'drum machiney'
2) It is doesn't have the mixing board thing you here very faintly in the background of the real song

So, very good work. It seemed extremely authentic. So much so that i'm still not 100% sure, but I trust it's not stolen.

A fun tip for you, is the guitarist for lostprophets was just sitting around plucking at his guitar, when he liked what he heard and wrote it out. He wasn't even trying to write anything when he made this sweet thing.

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I love this song! Great work!

I recently needed a piece of music for my new movie. I was scanning over the audio portal and came across this. It is a fantastic piece, and I loved it instantly.
I think it fit the mood of my movie well.

So I hope you don't mind my using it. You have full credit, and you can view it in the portal if you'd like.

Jurian responds:

Yayy:D It looks real cool, thanks for using my music.


i needed a loop for my new video. It's called "Chalk Doodles"

I hope it's okay that i used your loop for it. go check it out.

Pelemus-McSoy responds:

Glad you used it! Good animation, and it made us Flash partners!


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