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Comments (6)

Thanks for the news!

Ive got scouted to audio portal this week.

I love the idea but if I have any constructive criticism, it would be to make the videos as concise as you can. 9+ minutes is hefty even for a niche target like the dedicated Newgrounds community. Some people are okay with long format videos (myself included), but the fact of the matter is that the average viewer loses interest about halfway through the 3rd minute. Take a look at how people like Philip DeFranco handle real-world news in their videos, might offer some inspiration.

I have been trying to stay succinct, but there is always so much I want to include!!
I might have to watch some DeFranco and get a better feel for trimming the fat. Thanks

Dude! Thanks for using my tune! That track was one of my first tunes after about a year's hiatus. So glad people are loving it. So much warmth!

Really do appreciate the shout-out there! We'd love to have you on board next year!

I'd love to! Here's hoping I have some time in my schedule to contribute :)

I'm not sure what the ratio of uploaded content/visitors per month is...

But I feel like Newgrounds has a decent amount of traffic; but we're a community with a large amount of introverts. So regardless of the numbers, the lack of submission reviews and forum activity gives off an internet "ghost town" vibe. At least it does to me. Yet Newgrounds remains a factory of awesome.

I mean, it's insane how much quality stuff NG consistently puts out, compared to the amount of feedback these people get. I always feel like these guys' hard work deserves more recognition.

I wish NG could somehow stay exactly like it is- but with 100x more visitors or something. But alas- that brings with it all the riff-raff and hoodlums too, so the site may lose it's "charm".

NG is a cozy-ass place for me haha. IDK. I guess I want the amount of talent to stay at where it is, but the recognition to increase. And a pony and a bazooka.

But anyway, for what it's worth- thanks for putting these contributors in the spotlight.

BTW- with regards to that one dude's comment about viewer retention...
I watched/listened all the way through, and you never lost my attention. I was already distracted in the first place tbh. Yet I got everything you said and kept looking at the screen when your commentary made me feel like I should look at the screen. lol.

Sure 9 minutes is a long time, I guess (I mean, vlog-wise... I guess.), but you shouted out a lot of people who probably needed a shout out, so it's justified in my book. Keep it up!