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I think I watched this 30 times before I finally got the 3rd outcome!!
Pretty hilarious idea to randomize the loop, and executed very well.

Excellent sound design as well.

I didn't think that, but now that you mention it, Adam does look a little like a young Rickman. I would love to hear him do an impression!

The animation was fairly well done. It's painfully obvious you were emulating the HISHE style. I think in the long run that might haunt you a little bit. People will see your videos and expect you to be a part of that team.
I hope that over time you start to cross things over into a style of your own, to make them stand out without people instantly making that comparison.

The joke was ok at best. But I really love your style! Your characters look great, and the animation (though limited) is very fluid. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the new year!

Ztoons responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
This certainly wasn't my best work, but it was all in good fun. haha
I'll be sure to create better quality content for the new year. :P

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Cool game! I'm surprised there aren't more Riddle School inspired games out there.
It's cool to see a tribute to the series with completely originally characters - even if the style and gameplay are largely copied from Riddle School. I think that's great though! Look at how far Jon took the characters and series in 10 years of games. Maybe this will be a springboard for future games where you further develop these characters?

Lots of fun little references - which is nice. Although there didn't tend to be much to click around on in the game. Each room usually had a couple people, plus a poster (or something small like that). It would have been nice to see the rooms brought to life a little more to interact with.

A short and easy game, but it's got me interested to see what more come from you in the future!
Thanks for the inclusion in the thank yous :3

Great work!

JD-Brony responds:

All I can say is:

Thank you, Noodle. And also, wow, I did not expect you to play and comment on my game. :D

This is a decent little point and click adventure, but it seems like the plot was pretty absent from this first installment. You laid out a setting and characters, then nothing in part 1 referenced that again. It was pretty paint-by the numbers.

This wasn't helped by the fact that 90% of the art looks like it was taken from clipart. It makes the game feel really disjointed when there isn't a consistent art style throughout.
Maybe you should consider partnering up with someone to make the art for the game, all in 1 style?

Team Mammoth

Great artwork!
Excellent soundtrack as well.
I think you guys did a fantastic job in 3 days!

I wish that it was a little more forgiving when you are setting things on fire. Sometimes it feels like you have to be in the EXACT perfect spot for it to work. And then it's a pain to reposition yourself until it works.
The ad at the beginning as also annoying. I have no problem with ads as long as they aren't timed, and forcing you to watch them. But when I started playing, the ad decided to start making sound, and I had to hear all about the new season of Dragonball Z during the intro.

Anyways, cool idea. And great work to the artists for making so much art and animation in such a short time!
Although I did have to turn down the graphics quite a bit. I have a gaming laptop, and this thing lagged like a beast on high quality.

I wish standing by the fire heated you up faster. I don't like being taken out of a game for 10 seconds just standing and waiting. It should be near instant (not realistic) but it keeps the action moving.

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Fantastic work! I love the other-worldly quality to it.
Thank you so much for allowing one of my most treasured animations to continue on without fear of a copyright takedown <3

LexRodent responds:

Thanks, and NP man , it was fun to take part on it.
If we the indies don't help each other out, internet content soon will be nothing but soulless, gutless and lame corporate business.

It's a shame we were never able to finish what we had planned for Madness Throne :(
There were more weapons, 2 mini bosses and 1 final mini boss. We set aside like 72 hours to do as much as possible. We ended up making concessions to add things like tiered level design, and a level editor for people to goof around in.
We stayed in touch for a few weeks after to see if we could return to the game, but unfortunately it remained as a game jam. Guy was unreal to work with though! That dude put things together so damn quickly! He's easily one of the most talented programmers I've ever worked with.

Thanks for the shoutout :)

At first I thought this was going to be only the Joker (you know, like, Mr. Jay). Really cool to hear you do an offical demo! Hearing all of these back to back is super impressive.

This one is really well done too. Sometimes people spend too much time on each clip. I liked how quick the cuts were here, so you could hear as much as possible in a really short amount of time. Be sure this is the first thing you show people when you advertise yourself, it's fantasitc!

I'm glad the giggly girls made it in ;)

JayWEccent responds:

Thank you so much. That truly means a lot to me.

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Great work! Seems like an oddly well-paired concept for my movie Goat Trip xD


Post an assembled one!!
Maybe I need a goat one :O

turtleco responds:

I can send you the blank template if you like....


This is totally fucked up.
But I like it! Very creative man. A very solid and twisted piece of artwork. It's kinda odd how horrified and intrigued I am by this.

It's like Pinocchio Frankensteined himself.

What's a goat?

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