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Noodle's News

Posted by Noodle - 9 days ago

First off, I have teamed up with @DrNeroCF to bring The Fancy Pants Adventures: Classic Pack to Steam!

Relive the classic games in all their glory, with added quality of life updates and Steam features!!

Be sure to go Wishlist that. It helps us out A LOT


Next, don't miss out on the Fancy Pants Art Contest we're hosting here on Newgrounds!

There are cash prizes, copies of the game, and more to be won!

You have until August 8th to submit your art to the portal with the tag FPAClassicPack. Be sure to check that forum post for full details.



And to cap it all off, I release the long awaited, fully revised version of my Fancy Pants Flashlight video. It's now 3x longer, far more comprehensive, including snippets of an interview Brad Borne was kinda enough to take part in.

He had lots to share about the series, as well as larger conversations on Flash culture, and working in a creative field. I think it's well worth a watch, and one of the best videos in this series :)



Posted by Noodle - May 5th, 2021

I made a Pico history video! Huge thank you to Tom for both answering questions I had about Pico, and for shouting this out in the latest Newgrounds update :)

I hope that I did it justice, and that it's obvious from these videos how much I care about Flash history, and Newgrounds in particular. The first few of these history mini-docs I made averaged ~10 minutes. Now they've ballooned up to 25 or 30. I want to be thorough and share as much as I can!

The episode before this was on Tankmen, so I imagine people who are experiencing FNF as a gateway to Newgrounds lore will appreciate that one as well. But there are now 14 episodes total! Excluding a few unlisted ones (Fancy Pants, Crush the Castle, Madness, Infectonator, Zombotron, SCGMD) that I am no longer happy with.

That was before I started emphasizing creator interviews, and going DEEP on series histories. So they all feel really incomplete to me now. My focus will be on updating those over the course of the year, as well as some new installments like the Clock Crew.

I have a length running list with literally 100s of creators, series, trends, and more that I want to discuss with this series. But feel free to pitch me some that you'd like to see covered in the future :)


I also made TWO Pico Day submissions!

The first was a silly "animation" that pays tribute to a trend that kicked off on Newgrounds 16 years ago. So I imagine that concept and tribute is lost on many. But I am still happy to have technically taken part. Even if it was rather belated.

And yet another way to highlight myself as becoming a bit of an old timer, @MSGhero and @CarpetBakery helped me dust of some old work I had laying around from 2011 (HOLY CRAP!!) and turn it into a fully functioning game, and love letter to Newgrounds!



Posted by Noodle - April 14th, 2021

The latest installment of my Flash game/series/developer history and retrospective videos (Flashlight) is a feature on TANKMEN!

I start out with a brief history on the Newgrounds Tank logo, with a few questions answered by @TomFulp, as well as a look at the full series history (and potential future) including an interview with @JohnnyUtah.

Full transcripts are available over on my Patreon.

Huge thanks to those 2 for answering my questions, and helping lace this all together!

I hope that I did the series justice, and didn't leave out any critical part of it's history.

(This video is actually seeing a notably uptick in views the last few hours. If you are so inclined, dropping a comment on the youtube link would help a lot in boosting that upward trajectory. Cheers!!)


I am aiming to put out a Pico oriented episode for the month's end!

If you have any big questions you've always wanted answered about that series, leave a comment and I'll try to run those by Tom and/or MindChamber, if I get organized enough to roll out those intended interviews!



Posted by Noodle - February 27th, 2021

About a year and a half ago I made a video covering the games of @SoulGame

Odds are you've seen or played most, if not all, of these developers games. They have multiple that are considered among the great Flash games ever made!

Today I released an updated version of this video. It's about 3x longer than the original version with an expanded interview, more background info, and more detailed looks at their games and series.

I'm so happy with how this came together!!



Posted by Noodle - November 19th, 2020

We haven't nailed down the specifics, but I am working on putting together an interview with Cleod-9 about the history of Super Smash Flash, and their upcoming Fraymakers (as you've likely seen on the front page).

I have my own list of questions that I am putting together, and plan to use this interview in fleshing out a Flashlight video on the series, and it's wild history!

Drop a comment here with any questions of your own you might have, and I will do my best to integrate anything important that I myself overlooked. I look forward to hearing from you all. I think this could be a really cool opportunity for all of us :)


Posted by Noodle - October 6th, 2020

Right at the top here.

The plan is for this to be small, and free. So only take it on if you want something fun to mess around with, and aren't in it to get paid, or earn much more than a little ad rev.

I know that's a lot more than many people can bite off these days. If you really want to, we can treat it as a personal game jam, and not spend more than ~1 week on it? Minimize our time investment, and focus on doing a quick turnaround!

Back in 2008 (it's been a minute...) I did some planning and animating for a Newgrounds themed snowboarding game.


I had a selection of characters from around the site (for each, I had received permission to use in game).

I even drew up sprites for 7 of them! Although some might need touch-ups at this point.


We could easily revisit that now though, and make the last few character additions things that feel a little more relevant to 2020 Newgrounds rather than characters that were popular a decade ago xD

Each one has a basic animation for lean right, lean left. As well as a tail grab, nose grab, and one move that's unique to that character! Each character could have different stats for speed, acceleration, rotation, etc.

We could do it as an endless runner of sorts. Maybe with physics somewhat similar to Downhill Snowboard?

Do flips. Tricks. Collect... something. Unlock snowboards, and characters. Add some achievements and a highscore board. Maybe there are a few different themed hills to go down with slight Newgrounds related re-skins?

Probably not much more than that needed.

We'll keep it small, simple, and I can send some of the assets over to work with asap!

I hope that's strikes someone's interest. Cheers!



Posted by Noodle - July 3rd, 2020

I still view Brian Kendall's The Demented Cartoon Movie as being one of the all time best Flash creations.

All of my earliest Flash movies (mostly the ones that never made it to Newgrounds) were entirely shaped by this screwball sense of humor! And I truly believe the utter insanity and commitment to non-continuity is something that has influenced me for many years since.

So here is my video dedication to Brian, and all things Demented!

If you're into this sort of Flash series/cultural history, then please consider checking out my series, Flashlight

And if you want to support me in that creation, Patreon would be the best place!

Although realistically, with Kongregate going into archival mode. Supporting Newgrounds, and ensuring that it is here to stay is likely a better long-term investment. Flash preservation is so important!!


Posted by Noodle - April 26th, 2020

Here's the latest installment of Flashlight! A video series where I look at popular and influential Flash games, series, artists, and other important legacies of Flash culture and creation.

This is a video I have been excited about doing ever since I started the Flashlight series, but I was always a little daunted about taking it on. I'm so thrilled to have finally taken it on, and being able to share my personal connection and love of Riddle School!

Here is a playlist of the full series, if anyone is interested in more videos like this!



Posted by Noodle - December 7th, 2019

As I'm sure many of you in various animators circles have heard this week, a director, Kevin Bao, had allegedly built a career around tracing over other people's hard work.

Now that this has all come to light, he has basically been chased out of every corner of the internet. This video tries to summarize the story a little, show some comparisons, but mostly to act as a showcase for the artists who were stolen from.

Hopefully when you give this a watch, you find a couple new bright young talents to follow!


HUGE shoutout to Catsuka for their initial work assembling the stolen clips into one convienant place, and putting a lot of eyes on this

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/catsuka


Porigoshi is supposedly the animator who worked on that Steven Universe Sequence

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/porigoshi

BBWB animation

Oleg Kositsyn (BBWB anim) who made the cool dragon clip from LAST WORD, and the Spider-Man remake.

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/brdbrwthbeer

YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9Ytxk4fe78AAOe5BG4AbQ

Gobelins School

If you are interested in the larger work of the school, or maybe enrolling yourself, check out thier website! Otherwise I recommend their youtube channel where they share all sorts of amazing work from their students.

Website ► https://www.gobelins-school.com/

YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/user/gobelins


The amazing student who stood up for their peers, and put together that painstaking compilation! Show them so big love please!

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/insom_art

Soveins Ten-Zen

The animation collective from Gobelins’

Website ► http://www.souvienstenzan.com/

Moonlight (Music video) ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykg1w2iyI1E

Thea Glad

The animator who had their little cat stolen

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/thea_glad

Website ► https://theaglad.co.uk/


Alex Grigg

Chill dude, with a cool style, who likes to share with the animating community

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/alexxgrigg

Website ► http://www.alexgrigg.com/

Late Night Work Club ► http://latenightworkclub.com/


Collective that has been crushing it for 10+ years, responsible for The Ricochet Splended

Website ► http://www.2veinte.com.ar/

Delphine Dussoubs

The rockstar who works on music videos and music shows, as well as plenty of other outstanding pieces!

Website ► http://www.delphinedussoubs.com/

Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/dalkhafine


Despite having worked on the video, Kevin cannot profit from it any further. So please don’t boycott their music/video. It’s still worth a listen!

Website ► http://nulbarich.com/

Golden Wolf Animation

Emmy Awards winners, that Kevin decided were worth ripping off twice in 1 video!

Website ► https://goldenwolf.tv/


Posted by Noodle - October 11th, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the creator of Baman & Piderman, as well as the new point n click game Later Alligator, Lindsay Small-Butera.

I edited it down into a video that highlights her career path, an Emmy award win for her work on Adventure Time, as well as a large list of her personal animation influences and recommendations.

I thought this might be something that you guys would enjoy, and possibly garner some useful advice or motivation from.

That officially puts me at 10 Flashlight episodes. I sincerely wish I had the time to do them more often. I really love doing the research, interviews, and feeling like I am helping catalog an important part of internet/gaming/animation history.

I plan to for sure do one more before the years end on the death of Flash - and the steps individuals and places like Newgrounds have taken to ensure it's not all lost forever.