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Noodle's News

Posted by Noodle - February 27th, 2016

I started a brand new series! This one isn't animated, but I am still incredibly excited about it.

It's called Flashlight, and it takes a detailed look at web games and series. The first installment went live today, and I am really eager to share it and get some feedback. For episode 1, I took a look at the Sentry Knight series by @Tyler

I think that web games tend to fall by the wayside, with most YouTubers focussing on larger releases. I am hoping that this provides some unique insight into the flash game world. I would love some feedback, and some suggestions of what game/series you'd like to see covered next.

I'm not going to post every installment to the front page here, so please pop over to YouTube and subscribe if you would like to see more. I also do Let's Plays with friends, game reviews, and miscillaneous animations (a few of which are exclusive to YouTube).

I hope you guys like what you see.


Posted by Noodle - December 20th, 2015

I want to start this post by advertising that I plan to contract some animations out (likely 1 a month) in the New year! It is a bit of a gamble that I plan on taking in an effort to re-invigorate my YouTube channel. Check this thead for more details on expecations and pay. I am excited to have already heard back from a handful of potential animators!

That channel has been on a hiatus while I travelled, and focussed on my job. In my spare time I have been working with friends to produce some new content, and I will be starting things up again in 2016! I have been sharing new animations there lately to also help get things warmed back up. What do you guys think about me producing short, much more frequent animations parodying recent news? Or do you prefer longer, higher production animations?

I was very excited to finally share Nock Nock Nocking! That game was started back ~3 years ago, but it was put on hold a few times. Then it had no luck finding a sponsor.


@TurbRono worked very hard to get this game in working order, and I am very greatful to him. I was especially happy with the efforts he made to integrate the level editor directly into the game, and to allow level sharing here on Newgrounds. It really adds something special to the game!

Finally I wanted to briefly reflect on 2015 on Newgrounds. This has been the year that I have wanted on Newgrounds for many years! I have had at least 1 submission under my belt, every year since 2007. But those contribtuions have been dwindling, and in 2014 I hammered out only one animation that I barely finished in time to submit on December 31st!!

Now in 2015 I have submitted 3 games and 3 movies! Most of that has been crammed into the last couple of months, but it still feels amazing to be contributing again. I hope that is something that I can maintain in 2016. I made a small graph to show my involvement with the site over the years.


I distinguish Solo vs. Collab based on how many animators (VAs an other contributors not counted in this regard) there were. Games are all lumped together, regardless of how many contributors.

You can see how near-absent I have been for a few years now. But I have had an itch in my head that refuses to let me leave a year blank with 0 submissions! I refuse to disappear from this site altogether, and I have really enjoyed becoming involved once again. I plan to stick around as long as humanily possible.

Cheers everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all around!

Posted by Noodle - November 20th, 2015

The original Ghost Motel game was released here on Newgrounds on November 13th, 2002. When I realized that this year would be the 13th anniversary of the game, as well as a Friday the 13th, I couldn't resist trying my hand at a remake!


I wanted to add a bunch of features, and misjudged how long it would actually take to finish. I ended up working 20 hours straight and pulling an all nighter on the 12th. Right in the home stretch, the unstable game crumbled underneath me, with none of the SFX working, and the inability to pass the beginning of the game. I gave in to exhaustion and pulled the plug.

After a few days rest, I started rebuilding the majority of the code, learning from my mistakes the first time around. I also had the ability to add features that were originally cut! That extra week really did lead to a much better game.


Left: 2002 | Right: 2015

I want to thank @JayWEccent for his amazing voice acting! It really shines in this project, and I am disappointed I cut a few of the characters and lines that he had also contributed to.

@Slaleky and I have worked on a few things together before, but this is the first to see the light of day. I am very grateful for how quickly he produced and handed over his Ghost Motel Remix! It sounds fantastic, and really drives home the overall atmosphere of the series.

I also want to thank @XwaynecoltX (one of the original creators) for being so cool about this! He was very supportive of the idea, and gave some great feedback. Thanks for creating such a fun world :)

For those of you that were/are interested in my Riddle School remake: I learned a lot on this project, and will definitely be applying those skills to finishing that game! I guess I have a thing for remakes... I am currently sitting on the game until it's 10 year anniversary in May 2016. But maybe I will get excited and release it sooner?

November has been an oddly productive month for me. I also released my first animation of the year, mocking Activision Blizzard's acquisition of King for $5.9 billion. I hope to produce more shorts like this with quick turnaround times in the future.


Posted by Noodle - April 22nd, 2015

It's with a heavy heart that I must post-pone my Riddle School Remake.

It was set to be released on Pico Day 2015 (April 25th), but unfortunately I can no longer meet that deadline.

All of the art and more than half of the code for the game is done. I was going to power through the rest of the programming in the next few days, and just barely sqeak by. But I have hit an unforseen wall...

I don't know how to optimize code worth shit.

The completed portion of the game begins to spiral down into unplayable laggy garbage.

I believe I will be able to salvage it, but not in time for Pico Day. Due to other commitments, it will be quiet some time before I am able to return to working on this.

I apologize to anyone who was following this project, and looking forward to it's release. My fingers are crossed that I will still be able to release it in the future.


Posted by Noodle - March 19th, 2015

It's been 2 weeks, so I figured it was time for a Riddle School Remake update (ps. I am still brainstorm names for this. (Any ideas?) Here is my last post about this remake.

The backgrounds in the game are coming along nicely. Since my last post I also had a big breakthrough in how to code the game. So it is starting to take shape as an actual, playable game! The intro is complete, and you can play through the first couple of rooms.

I was goofing around and decided to make a Phil Eggtree Minecraft skin in Skincraft. So check that out if you need more Riddle School in your life.

My biggest problem with the game right not has been coming up with a new ending. JonBro said his biggest gripe with original game, is its lack of an ending. Coming up with something that fits the game, and ties in to the rest of the series is kind of a burden. But I'm excited to keep working on this!


[Keep in mind this is a WIP, and more background details will be added]

Set to be released on April 25th, 2015

Posted by Noodle - March 5th, 2015

I am too excited about this to keep it to myself for any longer!

For Pico Day 2015, I will be remaking @JonBro 's classic: Riddle School!

The original was released back in May 2006, making the game nearly 9 years old. The series has grown to include 6 installments, with millions of views, and a huge fan base.












I always thought a remake would be a fun way to honor a Newgrounds classic, and I finally realized that this game would be perfect for it. I have reached out to JonBro, and he has been extremely supportive of the idea!

It is my goal to stay as true to the series as possible. I don't want to screw up any continuity, or accidentally take anything out of the game that the fans might have loved. I also want the game to feel fresh to those of you who can beat the original in 20 seconds. So in addition to updating the art to more closely match later installments in series, I will be adding a few new puzzles.

Here is the first peak at the remake. tentatively titled "Return to Riddle School". (What do you guys think of the title?)


Posted by Noodle - February 21st, 2015

A brief look at my recent submissions:

I was having a lot of trouble sleeping in December with the anxiety of finishing my degree. I also realized 2014 was my first year on Newgrounds without a submission. So I spent a bit of time quickly making a short movie to share with everyone.


In January I started working on some old projects (more on that below). I couldn't find a sponsor for Sunflower Showers, so Monoflauta and I just decided to submit it and be done with it.

Sunflower Showers

I guess I got my 2015 submissions "obligation" out of the way early!

Back in August I took a month to work on some game projects. But I made the same mistake I have made before. Rather than working on 1 thing at a time, I juggled ~4 and none of them were finished that month. I had to set things aside from Sept-Dec while I wrapped up my degree and focused on getting good grades.

As of January, I have been working on games again! But I have also started working a regular job, so game dev is taking place part-time in my evenings and weekends. Right now I have 1 game seeking sponsorship, and another game that should be looking soon.

Starting in May/June I have plans to travel, so I am hoping to have a few more projects completed and released before then.

For the first time since 2008 I am working on something for Pico Day 2015!!

Back 7 years ago I made a haggard little project where I spliced together audio from the Tankmen series, and video from Saving Private Ryan.

I have always wanted to work on a more substantial project for Pico Day, but either had no good ideas or no time. This year I have started 2+ months in advance, and am trying to keep things small.

It is a short game, and I am chipping away at it in my spare time between working on other projects. It is the first game that I am coding myself, which is turning out to be a big undertaking! I just felt it would mean more if I did it all myself. I figure learning some AS3 might open doors for me in the future. So it's win-win.

I am not sharing much about it yet, but I have attached a picture as a small teaser. I think that many of you will be very happy with the result!


Posted by Noodle - August 25th, 2014

I'm super excited to say that I should have a few new games coming out later this year. I decided to take the month of August to work on some old and new projects.

A few things I have underway are from years ago that I have finally taken off the shelf, dusted off and finished up! At the moment, nothing is totally done, but 2 projects are about as close as they could possibly get before we look for sponsors. I have 2 new projects that are in much earlier stages, but I have a strong feeling that production on those will be quicker.

Last of all I am working on my first ever mobile game! This might be the most exciting of all for me. My dream is to be riding the bus and look over to see someone playing my game. I realize the game has to be finished first, but it's an exciting prospect none-the-less.

One fun thing is that I'm working with different people on every project, and they are all people I have never released any work with before. That's 5 new partnerships! If things go well, maybe we can work together again somewhere down the line.

I wish I could share more details, but I'd better wait until things are closer to actually being published. For now I'll leave you all with this simple image from the game I feel is closest to being ready.


Posted by Noodle - July 11th, 2014

So it was a little over a year ago that I left "Goat-Man" and made the shift to GraemeNoodle (or just Noodle here on Newgrounds). And since then I have accomplished... literally nothing.

Nothing in the Flash world at least. I just flipped through some of my old news posts. It seems to be a recurring theme in my time here on Newgrounds that I don't see a lot of projects through to the end. I have stacks of ideas and half-assed starts to projects just laying around. It's not a good feeling.

I just bought a new tablet the other day though, upgrading from my 6 year old Wacom Bamboo. I've been using it to work on my project that I think has the most potential, and the one that was the furthest along since I last left it. I'm hoping to reinvent Pirate Launch, and bring it mobile devices! I have a lot of the basic art done, and need to work on menus and such (which has never been my favorite).

I'm trying no to kid myself, because I am still quiet busy with work. Today is my first day off after 15 days of ~10 hour days. But I really do miss Flash, and the Newgrounds community! I'm hoping that rather than putting in sprints of work once a month that lead to nothing, I can consistently put in micro-amounts of time that may eventually lead to a completed project.

I apologize to everyone here that I've left hanging over the years for projects that never saw it to the end. The largest of which was the follow up to DYHT. Most parts to the collab are done, but I had several dropouts and had trouble filling those empty positions. I hope that collab isn't dead forever. But it will be dormant for a while yet still. There are numerous others that never saw fruition either, and I am sincerely sorry about it. I hope that one day I will have the time to spend working on projects with the community I grew up with.

I'm considering setting up some kind of small tumblr/blog where I can post updates on projects. I think something that would allow me to give frequent, short updates might motivate me to work on things more often.

Posted by Noodle - July 2nd, 2013

Hey everybody, it's the artist formerly known as "Goat-Man" here!

So I've been batting around the idea of changing my username for a year or two already. I've been Goat-Man for nearly 6 years now, and I felt it was time for a change. I picked that username when I was 15, and it was just kind of random. It never really meant a whole lot to me.
A few other artists I know have been changing names to something more fitting as well, and I think that was the final encouragement I needed. (ie. Elfman-Rox is now Emrox; MasterAardvark is now FelixColgrave; and JonBrorecently announced an upcoming name change)

Noodle is a joke based on my last name, and it's something that some of my friends actually call me. So it just felt more meaningful. For years, whenever I show some of my work to friends and family, I always had them say, "Why Goat-Man?"
Now I think people will be a lot less confused, and it will save me some mild embarrassment.

A few things like my Reddit and Twitter accounts already use either Noodle or g_noodle, so that will make the transition a little easier.
In some more recent projects I've actually decided to be credited under my real name, rather than a moniker. So over time Goat-Man has just become less relevant to what I've been doing.


In other news, I've had a sudden burst of encouragement to pick Flash up again! I haven't been active at all in a long time :(
This sudden motivation is probably part of what made me more seriously consider the name-change as well.

First off, check out a game from earlier this year I made with Pinchanzee!
It's a puzzle game called Geologem. I'm really thrilled with how it turned out, and that is due mostly all of Pin's hard work! He put so much love and planning into this game, and it really shows :)

DYHT? vol 4 reached a point where it was all but dead! I had too many people not handing in parts, and it was tough to scramble and replace them. Too many people put in too much hard work for it to never be released. So I'm going to make 1 last attempt at finding replacements. And if I can't, then it will just have to be submitted with less than 10 participants this time.

I have few games that I worked on last summer that never saw the light of day. 1 is being retooled to make the gameplay more fun; another is receiving yet another expansion to it's story (I'm really excited about this one!!); and a couple others that just need some polish.

Really though I want to get back into animating!
Right now I feel passionate about making a sequel to Goat Trip and Goat 51. So even though I changed from Goat-Man, I still plan to keep the 'character' going! I animated about 1 minute of a sequel a few years back, but I'm totally unsatisfied with it now. I'd start from scratch.
I might need to animate a short sketch or two to shake some rust off. But hopefully wrapping up those other projects does that for me.

I look forward to contributing to Newgrounds once again! Work and school have been in the way, but I'll do what I can to find time!