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Noodle's News

Posted by Noodle - March 19th, 2012

I regret to inform that the target release date of March 24th will not be made.
I was so confident that I would be able to make that deadline with ease! But as my weeks have been dragging along I haven't had any time to wrap this thing up. I really don't know when I'll be able to work on it next.

I have 2 midterms this week, a lab report and research proposal due in a few days. Next week I have a big term paper worth 25% of my grade for the semester in that class, and some other minorish assignments due.
It really does some to pile up the second that it starts to look like I'll be having free time. It's been a pain, but that's why I'm in school I guess.

So sorry to say that we won't be seeing DYHT? vol 4 this week. Nor for a while for that matter.
I'd like to say my new target is sometime in April, but it really is hard to manage time while I'm still in school, with finals only being 3-4 weeks away.
Again, sorry to those of you looking forward to it. I'll try and decide a new release date as soon as I feel confident that it can be managed.

Posted by Noodle - February 8th, 2012

[EDIT 26/2/2012]

After I finished some assignments and did some studying I went right back to work.
I put in around 5 hours yesterday and another 3 today. I found out what was slowing Flash down so badly and fixed that. Sometimes it still goes slow, since it's a pretty hefty file. But it's almost done.
I hit a brand new snag, where one part was animated at the wrong framerate. I couldn't change that without ruining the timing of the entire piece. I think I have it solved now though.

I'm exhausted and going to bed. Tomorrow after my classes I'll put on the finishing touches, and it should be hitting the portal tomorrow evening. Cool!

[EDIT 25/2/2012]

I'm trying to finish this off and export it so I can submit it, but the file is becoming way too bulky and it continually crashing on me!!
This is getting frustrating as hell. I just hope I can have this finished soon :(


My guess is nobody really cares what I have to say about the redesign, so I won't be giving any in depth opinions here. I will say that I'm not a fan of the new portal layout, but I'm really excited for some cool new features like the notification and project systems! Cool!

That's all I have to say about that.

In past dev cycles with DYHT, I have found a crew around Christmas break, and then submitted over the summer.
Currently, I tried to be a little more ambitious with the project in a way that won't be apparent to anyone who is currently a part of it, as I haven't told any of them :D
But, I can tell you one thing, when I'm running this far behind schedule I will NEVER attempt to do it this way again. It's been way more then work than I had predicted, and every little hitch becomes instantly 10 times bigger because of it.

In essence, the project is ready and done, with the exception of one part. Once I have that final part, I basically just have to cut and paste it in and I'd be done. The unfortunate thing is that if this part was handed in tomorrow I'd still be a week or two off from submitting due to school. Next week is the busiest I've ever had in school. Nobody wants to hear me complain about school though.

I've decided that once I finally submit this next installment I will be taking a break from the series. I haven't decided if it will be a permanent break or not. I thought the series could be continued indefinitely until I felt the creativity ran dry. I don't doubt the creativity of the community, just whether or not I want to do the same thing over and over. I have a few ideas for ways that I could reboot the series with new twists and I might try that later on.
In conclusion, I hope we'll be seeing this submitted soon! As much for the sake of everyone who put their hard work into as for my own!

Posted by Noodle - August 6th, 2011

I'm excited to announce to Newgrounds that I am now working on my sequel to Pirate Launch!
I've had the ideas in my head for this game since the original came out, but I didn't want to be to eager in jumping into a new one. I read through every review on Newgrounds, and many on other sites. I have tried to take every criticism to heart in order to make a game that is fun, refreshing and a stand out in the Launch genre!

Here is the original

-There will be a few different game modes, instead of just trying to reach 1 long distance.
-The game will be very story driven with a few new characters to meet, fleshed out with cutscenes and voice acting!
-Each upgradeable feature has about 10 different upgrades (each looking unique).
-All art is upgraded in every way, and looks a lot nicer!!

Now I just need to look for a programmer who can help me bring it all to life!
I need someone who can work with my ideas, but I would also love someone who could help give their own input to the story/script and gameplay.
The engine will be a bit more complex, with added fluid dynamics. But it doesn't need to simulate water perfectly. Just when you hit the water it sends a wave through flat surface, which would decay relatively quickly so as to not put strain on framerate.

There is slightly more information here in my official forum post looking for a partner.

I don't really know any programmers that well whom I can simply approach. If anyone knows a programmer they could recommend working with that would be just as helpful.

Also, if anyone has any last minute things they'd like to recommend for the game, I'd appreciate that too (other than more upgrades, and not just 1 long distance).

Thanks guys!!

Programmer needed - Pirate Launch 2

Posted by Noodle - July 21st, 2011

Well, I tried to keep up on Flash while going to school, but I was doing things outside of classes pretty well daily, so Flash soon fell by the wayside. I figured over the Summer I would crank out a whole bunch of flashes one after another to make up for it.
Working full time killed that buzz, and soon I wasn't going near flash (although staying regular on Newgrounds).

I joined the most recent Game Jam. My team never finished (although we are planning on polishing up the game and releasing it later). BUT! Forcing myself to sit down and actually work on Flash made me realize I had missed it :(
Thus my motivation returned to me! And since then I've actually been working on projects I haven't touched in ages!

Lots of it is behind the scenes, and you won't see any fruits of that labor for some time to come. Mostly game related projects, but also some stuff for DYHT (which has no official release planned yet, still lots to do).

What you can see is my latest submission!
I started this in November 2010, and wrapped it up in the last week or so after work.
Wisenheimers: Story Time
Based on Yotam and Max's Wisenheimers podcast.
So far it has flopped, which actually has totally killed my confidence for the time being... I really expected it to be a lot more well received. I made some stylistic choices which apparently only I find amusing...

So. Confidence killed, but my motivation is not! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me before the end of 2011. So take care guys! I'm going to continue working on something else a lot bigger!

Returning motivation!

Posted by Noodle - January 4th, 2011

Well, I got sick of looking at the same news post from September 1st.
University is going well. I finished up my first semester on the 21st. I'll be going back on the 10th. It's been nice to have some downtime away from school back home, where I can refuel a bit and eat non-cafeteria food!

First off, before people give up on reading another one of my long ass news posts:

For people who don't know, here are 1 and 2.
I keep this short.
I've picked up a few talented animators who I'm very excited to work with. It should be great :)
If you've ever wanted to take part in the series, then you're in luck! Auditions are currently active and awaiting you!
Come out and show me your best stuff, and the best of those who tried out will be a part of the collab!! Spots will be pretty limited, so make sure you put your best foot forward if you really want it!


Now onto the part that nobody will read.
I've been a part of a few things since my last news post.

I contributed to RedHarvest's experimental Madness day collab. Guilt Trip. I had bigger things in mind. But having never done the style before, and getting flooded with school work I had to crank most of it out in one afternoon, and my part got a little lazy :(

I think I actually did this next thing first, when I still lived at home. I was a part of RicePirate's Dub Collab. I thought the idea was awesome! And some of the things people came up with were a lot of fun! I guess not everyone thought that as much as me, based on some reviews I've read.
I am pretty new to voice acting. I've only done it a few times on Newgrounds, and I think I'm interested in working at it a bit, and maybe doing a few voices for people here and there.

Most recently I took part in the 2nd Game Jam here on Newgrounds! I enjoyed the 72 hours far more than the 48 hours. I think it's a way better time limit in order to make somewhat reasonable games.
I've had a blast both times I've taken part, and hope that my schedule keeps being free on the days these things get held! Highly recommended to everyone who's ever slightly considered it!
Team Mammoth made out game Alvin's Alps, which I'm very pleased with, and it scoring decently high out of the games. We'll see how the judges feel :)
My personal favorite is BearBound (don't google it PLEASE)

Anyways. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. All that jazz.

Did You Hear That? vol 3 + Stuff only I care about

Posted by Noodle - September 1st, 2010

First off. WOW. I've been on this site for 4 years!! This is my third with this account.
It's hard to believe this much time has passed! I've slowed down a bit the last year or two, not submitting nearly as much. But that's because school and work started to get in the way. It's also because I no longer submit movies that I made in an afternoon. I've learned that worhtwhile animations take time.

I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I wanted this summer. But I have some starts on a few new projects. My plan was to take a bunch of time off and save up money making games. My family convinced me to stick with my boring summer job. So that's a shame. But I'm sure I'll get out ome new movies sooner or later :)

The highlight of my summer (in terms of Flash) was of course the release of Did You Hear That? vol 2.
A huge thanks to everyone who took part! I only had the best in the colab, so be sure to check out other submissions from all of them! You might find a few new favorites :D
A huge thanks for the high score of 4.37 (at it's highest) the Daily 1st and Weekly 7th!!
Also a week on the front page, with a couple days with the big Featured Item spot!!

Like I said I have a couple half started animations that I'd like to crack out sooner than later.
I'm also working in RedHarvest's madness collab. I've never done anything madness, so I'm kind of excited to whet my whistle with that a bit :3

I gotta go take care of University prep stuff! Later guys!
Thanks to Elfman-Rox for snagging this photo!

Starting my big-boy life

Posted by Noodle - June 22nd, 2010

Just some small updates today.
You can check out a small game I worked on, Coconudge That came out about a month ago.
Wow, June is almost over and I only have 1 submissions under my belt :(
I'm going to have to fix that this Summer! Now that I'm one final and two diplomas away from being done high school, I'm really hoping to be able to commit some serious time to shorts, movies and a couple games.

To anybody who was a fan of the original Did You Hear That? volume 2 is just around the corner. I'm one part away from having all 10 parts together, and I set a due date on that part for about a week away. Then I just have to compile it all and work on polishing up the menu and such!
No promises, but a July release is looking very reasonable.

I didn't have time to do my own movie for Robot Day, so I provided soem voices for Elfman-Rox's part. Poor guy, he's going to want to make a good piece and he has to deal with my terrible efforts. I do feel kinda guilty about that, but it's actually so bad that it might just add to the humor :D

Last of all is a brilliant picture Gonzo drew of my goat character for his collage of people who donatedto help save his beautiful dogs :)
I was glad to help it, and having this awesome picture featured in that movie made the donation really pay for itself!

So long high school!

Posted by Noodle - May 30th, 2010

I graduated today! WOOOOOH
Thanks guys! This is awesome.. I just finihsed my after grad, Which in Canada, means an excuse to got illegally drunk as fuck. I for one am super waster right now. WOOOH! Yuo guys are the shit! So is my grad class. About 50 drunk people all at once. I go to a SUPER redneck schoool. I'm not like that, but I still love these guys, I had a blast though.
In a few days I'll be having ym first legal beer! June 2nd. Coincidence, with my good bro http://hobo-master.newgrounds.com/. who I've known for as long as I can rememberm and is half an hour older then me. SWEET!!!!

Anywaysm if you guys want to throw together some kind of Goat-man celebration collab, I willl loved you more than theh drinking Ima consuming righgt now, The more i type the harder it gets!!

I fully expect a collab from my NG bros. Thanks mates. I love you all.

: also if you see my new banner. Expect DYHT v2 mid-late June. WOOOO

Posted by Noodle - April 30th, 2010

Hopefully the staff has no problem with me posting this for everyone to see.
I don't think it should be an issue, because it was a live event, and not something super secretive.

Newgrounds broadcasted the awards over Stickam with the beautiful Tom Fulp hosting the event.
Awards include:
Movie of the Year
Game of the Year
Musician of the Year

User of the Year.

I recorded the event off of Stickam, and recorded the sound seperately. I made an effort to make the quite parts louder and the overly loud parts quiter. I think it worked pretty well. Not perfect, but we're Newgrounders. We don't always have the highest standards for videos ;)
The first 40 seconds or so are them getting set up, so you can't hear much. Just make sure the volume is up for the rest, and you should hear it just fine.

Enjoy guys!
And happy birthday Tom!!

/* */

Posted by Noodle - April 5th, 2010

Well, I graduate in just 2 months! Well, that's when my grad ceremony is. Then still 2-3 weeks after that before I am actually done with diplomas and all. Still! Very hard to believe that after 12 years I am so close to being done with it :)

But, then I have to begin University. For those of you who might care (doubt any such person exists) I'll be taking general sciences my first year with a major in Bio, because it was the only subject that ever kept me genuinely interested and wanting to learn more.


Did You Hear That? vol 2 is finally seeing some momentum :)
It took me a long time to make sure all 9 spots were securely filled, but the final sound file was handed out about 3 weeks ago, and people can now animate. In fact I already have 4 parts handed in!
Hopefully that will be wrapped up and submitted somewhere in late June.

Also I'm having some extreme difficulties writing out a plot for this sound file.
Last year I feel like I copped-out with the wizard/robot thing. Too easy. This year I want to make something with alteast a little bit of a storyline.
I keep scrapping my ideas part way through the planning and storyboarding because I'm not satisfied with them. I better settle though, because I did this last year so I forced to rush at the end.
I have like 90% of it planned, with some animation because I like what I had planned so far. I just can't figure out where to go with the last 2 sounds....


I've thought it over, and I really hope to stick with my plan to quit my job this Summer and just do Flash. I thought it was kinda iffy, or that I should atleast stay somewhere part-time. But this is probably my last Summer to just take it easy. After that it's off to the real work world each Summer.

So I have atleast 3 games lined up that I plan to work on. I figure without a job, I will have plenty of time to do the art work for these. I'm starting with what I think is the biggest project so that I can kinda bang off the others if I start running out of time.
And if things go way smoother than I think they will I have up to 2 more game ideas that I can work on after that!!

I don't want to shift 100% to just doing games, so I do have up to 4 movies that I plan on working on inbetween games.
Now you see why I want the full Summer to myself? I have far to many plans to be able to get everything I want done!!


Other random news.
I decided to give ChatRoulette a try. I was on it for about an hour. I think in that time I saw about 20 strangers beating it. So that's about 1 too many stranger-dongs for liking.
I did end it all on a high note though when a dude on the acoustic asked me to request a song, and he serenaded me with Flake by Jack Johnson.
Thus I think will end my use of that site.

DYHT and Summer plans