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Noodle's News

Posted by Noodle - August 4th, 2008

Yay! I finally got my new tablet!
It actually came in Friday (the 1st), but I had to leave and just got back to use it.

This is my very first drawing with it, I hope with many more to come. I am still getting used to it, but hopefully in the end it will vastly increase my animating abilites!

EDIT: I forgot to say. It's a Wacom Bamboo. Picked it up for like $66 Canadian

My very own tablet!

Posted by Noodle - June 18th, 2008

[August 15th, 2006]

I signed onto the site as -Blaze. A rule later disallowed me from starting my name with a "-". So I became Blaze28.
Without realizing it, I had signed up on Clock Day. When my submission passed through with a huge score, I was so happy! I had no idea what was going on!
I later found out what had happened, but like many users I ran with it.

After only a month or two of Newgrounds, I stopped coming to the site all together.

[August 12th, 2007]

Out of the blue, I decided to take an interest in Flash again. I wanted a name without numbers or any of that bullshit in it. I took down all submission off that account, so I could start fresh!
I asked for a name change, but didn't get one. So I had to start my new acount as Goat-Man.
I had no idea where the name came from, and still don't.

Again without realizing, it was almost exactly a year later, and right near Clock Day. But this time I was prepared, and refused to submit anything. Mostly because of hatred for Clock Day.

[August 22nd, 2007]

My first submission as Goat-Man that hadn't been previously submitted as Blaze28. (Although the two after were old submissions)
It did decently. But got my realizing how much I enjoyed sitting down doing Flash!

[October 28th, 2007]

My first award! It was part of a collab, but damn that felt good. Again, inspired to try harder than ever before!!

[November 1st, 2007]

I won a Pumpkin Carving Contest. My Tankmen carving earned me 4th place!
I even got an extra little honor, because JohnnyUtah made the carving his display picture on his userpage for about a month. Thanks man!
Which is awesome, because the spot was added just for me. Maybe I'll do another next year ;)

[March 12th, 2008]

My first submission featuring my new mascot character, the Goat. It was also my first submission to get really positive feedback, and awesome reviews. I was actually one review shy of Review Crew Pick. That still feels like a kick in the teeth to think that :(
But as of May 23rd, it had 50 reviews, and was on 20 favorite artists lists!!

[March 18th, 2008]

My second piece on Newgrounds to feature the Goat!
It was also my first Daily 1st!! Oh joy!
I got to work with the 2 very popular twins, MarcyVF and TommyVF. That is still an honor to me, and feels awesome!
Without them, my Goat wouldn't exist!

[May 5th, 2008]

I show Newgrounds a little love by purchasing the Captain Figure.
It's awesome, and is proudly on display in my room!

[June 17th, 2008]

I am officially on 50 favorite artists lists!
That feels great. I feel loved. I hope my fans continue to grow (but not for no reason of course. I plan to earn them!)
I love my fans, thank you guys!

[June 28th, 2008]

I have officially been credited in more Flashes in 2008 than in 2007.
2007 = 13
2008 = 14 (so far...)

[August 12th, 2008]

I have now been a member of the Newgrounds community for nearly 2 years!
1 year exactly as Goat-Man!!
I wish I had some sort of anniversary Flash ready, but I forgot about it completely.

As of today, I have also made 100 Flash reviews!

[December 9th, 2008]

My first solo award! Daily 4th!
That same submission also got the Review Crew Pick!
Goat 51

[January 3rd, 2009]

Because of the Daily 4th of Goat 51, I was randomized, and was a part of the monthly voting panel for the first time in my Newgrounds history!
I spent a lot of time, making sure I picked out those that I thought were the best, and most deserving.
Not just because they had a video game parody...

Posted by Noodle - May 5th, 2008

Sergeant John Captain has arrived
Standard issue power suit
Combat ready status
Full equipped with

- Bio-carbon helmet
- Swank goggles
- Polyfiber hyper-vest
- Leader's insignia
- Enemy detecting hyper hard-on
- Thermo-fusion gloves
- Cool boots

Why today is the greatest day ever

Posted by Noodle - May 2nd, 2008

Me and Pelemus-McSoy talked about making a game way back in 2007. Now I wasn't to convinced on where this was going.
All we really had was, an RPG game.
The game is based on Pelo's characters from his DeRoze Comics.

I had used some of Pelo's audio works in the past, and he's a great guy. I'm glad to be working with him on this (now pretty big) project.
I am going to be taking on the animation aspects of the game.
Pelo will be doing the actionscript (which I am hopeless at)
He has some friends doing voice work and such too.

This is an updated version of the game diary. I summed it up A LOT. Because in all my updates, I never really said very much. So this just kinda gives the finer points of it.

October - December 2007

This time period was pretty much all just talking about making the game.
You know, BETA animations to get a feel for gameplay, writing up a plotline, figuring out how the script would work, and what limitations we might face.
Not a very prodeuctive time period for us, since I don't think at this time if we were ven sure if this game was being made for sure. So not much got done for these 3 months.

Januaray - February 2008

This was also a slow time. But at this point we had a good foundation for how we wanted this game to go. I got a basic start on things, but I wasn't much of a 'believer' in the project, and took my time. I didn't get much done, and worked on my own stuff on the side a lot.
Poor Pelo. Look how much I make you wait.

March - April 2008

I actually really buckled down on the game at this point in time. It picked up in March because I was feeling bad at how little I had done, and began realizing just how good this game could be. Then it just kinda snowballed throughout until April when I got really into this, and excited about the project.
So I really started working hard, and got a fair amount done.

May 2008

It's just the beginning of May, and in the last two weeks, I've done more than in probably the last 2 months before then.
I'm really excited about this project, and where it's headed. The more I work on it, the more I realize I should have taken more of and interest a lot sooner.
I can say, that the world is divided up into different worlds/locations. I'm almost done the first one now. That leaves like 4 more after that. It may not seem like I've done a lot. But what I've done can carry over, and make the other worlds a lot less work, and should be done much faster.
I'm really looking forward to the release, and I hope it turns out great!!

June 2008

Finals really slowed me down for awhile this month. But those are all out of the way now.
I am so close to finishing the maps (maps you walk around in). I'm done 4/5 of them, and there isn't really much left to do on the 5th.
I've also finished up the animations for the 2nd world. So that's two down, three to go. But with no school, hopefully they can be done faster.
There are some animations missing from each world, but I don't need to do them until I know for sure that others will be there. So I'm just waiting to do them so everything synchs up how it's supposed to.

July 18th 2008

The end is in sight!
Now that I don't have school, I can focus more intensely on this project. I feel like I've done so much in just this one month. Always makes me feel like this should have been done a long time ago. But if we rushed it like that, lot's of little details we have now would have been lost.
So. Hopefully in the upcoming months. Bill's Quest will be on Newgrounds.
But. Keep in mind, although my animations for the game are nearly at an end. There is still probably a month or so worth of coding for Pelo (that's a guess. Based on no real facts.)
Not to mention BETA testing to get a good feel for the game, and look for flaws.

Below I've attached a loop of a character that I like. This is a simple loop. And the character basically had nothing important to do with the game.
I can't give away too much, now can I?

September 2008

Has it really been that long since the last update!?!
Wow. The timeline of this games production is so disappointing. Me and Pelo will work together again in the future. Just hopefully not on something this size!! Atleast not for a good year or two ;)

Me and Pelo both have been swamped!
I had about 2-3 weeks were I could barely even look at this game. Between just personal things, work, and school starting again, it has been a real hassle to make progress on this right now.

The couple days I've been making cutscenes. There is quite the handful of them. They are all fairly short, but take time nontheless. I'm sure if you were to watch all of them 1 after the other, without any real gameplay your watching a good 5-8 minutes of animation.
Not bad for a Flash game, eh?
Good thing about them, is on occasion I can recycle backgrounds and such. Especially when that scene takes place in the same area one had earlier in the game. Sure makes my life easier.

On top of that I need to finish Bosses. I was purposely leaving them till last. And that is still my plan.
Hopefully they don't take to long.
But other than those 2 things. All is done.
Every enemy has all necessary animations. Bill has all necessary animations (he has A LOT). Every background, and map is fully drawn out.
So for those of you eagerly awaiting *cough* you'll have to sit on it another month or so while all code and animations are set in place.

November 2008
I die a little inside everytime I add to this mini-blog type thing. Because every other entry means even longer it has gone without being finished.

I only have minor amounts to do on the final boss.
So the final enemy is almost done. Cutscenes are finished as well. There are a couple that are awaiting some voice acting and such, which I hope to have so they can be finished as well.
At a later time, I will also need to round up a big handfull of sound effects for all the attacks and such from all the different enemies.

School is a real bitch. Get out of my Flash life damn you! Let me work!
But. I am almose done more portion. this time I really mean it. Next time I post (hopefully in only a week or two) will be to state my share in this project has ended.

God speed. To myself :P


Bill's Quest - a WIP

Posted by Noodle - February 25th, 2008

I have now created my own official Goat-Man mascot/logo.
My old picture was to dark, and creepy for me. He was fun to draw, but way to sinister looking.

So now after a project made with Marcy and Tommy, I have created a new, better, and more cartoony looking goat.
I personally love it. I think it looks awesome, dispite its simplistic design. Maybe thats it's appeal. It is so ridiculous, and innocent looking.

So in honour of my new mascot, I have decorated my userpage with him, and am working on a short movie were he is the main character! My brother gave me the idea for the flash because he loves the goat probably more than me.

March 12th, 2008
I just finished my new movie and sent it to the portal! I love how it turned out, and hope you like it to!

Goat Trip

March 18th, 2008
Although my part for this was technically made before Goat Trip, it wasn't submitted until now. I love how it turned out, and am so happy to work with the VadFlaaten twins. Check it out.

TwinTrash: Ten Ways To Die Pack 01

December 8th, 2008
Far to long after Goat Trip, I release the official "sequel." Although they do not need to be watched in order. The new sequel has the goat wandering into a alien/space related series of events.

Goat 51

My official Goat!

Posted by Noodle - September 6th, 2007

Last updated
July 22nd, 2009

This is not only for you to see and enjoy, but it's for me, so i don't forget all the crap i'm either working on, or thinking about. I'll try and put them in order from where they are on my prioritites.

Solo Works
1. Goat III - Sequel to my series (Goat Trip and Goat 51). The plot is completely laid out, and animation has started. Hopefully done before the end of July
2. Mario Kart Love - an animation for the amazing song by Sam Hart
3. He-Man - me and my brother want to script out a humorous episode of our favorite old school TV series
4. Untimely End - I always thought it would be fun to do a day flash. The story was made in about 5 minutes, so why not just make the whole thing in like 1 day?
5. Healthy Ninja Living Tips - based on an awesome poster I have.
6. Baconator - I've never found a burger so funny. So why not make fun of it?
7. My Newgrounds - I started one the day the original came out, but gave up on it. I'd love to revist the idea
8. The Cloud Maker - inspired by the ignorance of myself when i was younger.
9. Sun Stare - based on a game me and my friends used to play

Collabs/Duo Works
1. I might do a sort of "pass-my-flash" like project. But with me and like 2 other people, where we each do 2-3 parts for it. We'll see where it goes
2. Did You Hear That? Vol. 2 - someday I'll make a sequel. But I want it with a 100% new set of artists. That seems the most fair.

1. Bill's Quest - game me and Pelo are making. It WILL be EPIC. My half is done.
2. Kitty Cat - working title. I came up with this when I couldn't sleep. I think it has potential.
3. Beat 'em Up - Lochie's idea. I'll be animating. It will be a Dad 'n Me style game
4. Men and Demons - working title. A game similar to Warloards: Call to Arms. This will be a more serious game from me. It should put my art skills to the test.
5. Snowboarding - a themed snowboarding game with Night-Mare. Our second game together. Already started some character animations. Theme is secret for now

1. I Still Hate Snowmen - I didn't give myself enough time to finish it. And I just wasn't up to par with the quality I had in mind for this.
2. Pico Day - I've had the perfect idea for this ready Since like August 2008. I just need more practice as an animator before I feel comfortable enough.

Who knows what other things i'll come up with too! i hope to start pumping some of this fresh, tasty newness onto the portal!! Tell me what you think so far, what sounds good, what you'd rather see finished first. Stuff like that