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Noodle's News

Posted by Noodle - January 24th, 2010

These auditions will be to take part in Did You Hear That? Vol 2
Here is the original


Just a really basic rundown of the concept.
Everyone in the collab picks out 1 random sound effect of their choosing. After each person has contributed ONE sound. Then I compile the sound effects into a random order.
This complete sound file is then sent out to everyone, and they are not allowed to adjust it ANY way. They may not add/remove sound effects, or change the time between the sound effects.
That's the trick of the collab. Everyone will animate the same sound clip. Because there is no way to know who you're working with, you cannot steal ideas either. Meaning every individual idea that emerges from the collab will be 100% based on their own interpretation.

It did pretty decently overall, snagging a Daily 5th while being relatively underrated. But a few days later Tom front paged it, the score shot up, and I had hundreds of reviews telling me how much they loved the concept behind the collab!

In the original, I hand picked everyone, and we worked entirely through PMs here on Newgrounds. This will be half true for Volume 2 ass well.

I don't think I know enough animators to be able to get a new team together in total secrecy. I mean no disrespect to the old team, I love them all to death for the work they did, but I am getting a 100% new team together! I would feel like a tool picking and choosing people to stay and go, so to be fair, they are all cut!!

Good news for you community of Newgrounds!
That means I will be holding auditions. Post me links to what you view as your BEST work. I prefer if you can link to Newgrounds submissions of yours, but if your best was in a collab, please host just your part on spamtheweb or dumpgrounds or something for me to check out.
I have a few new members already in mind. But not the full 9 I need.
This also gives a chance for some promising animators here on the BBS to maybe take a step out of their comfort zones, and maybe get a little bit or recognition for their part!

At this stage I'm not looking for sound files, just animation skills.
I plan to pick and choose some fresh blood from here on the forums. And if I end up with a few heavy-hitters, than that's pretty awesome too!

The auditions could drag out a couple weeks, depending on how long it takes me to pick out the best team! Once everyone is choosen, we will revert to the secrecy of the PMs!

For now, post here, and we'll see who we can find.
Good luck to everyone. I will alert you to your membership in the collab through PMs as well.
Because I'm a dink like that. In the best way possible of course.

Audition thread
Original thread
New thread ( moved because with the new forum layout it made more sense)

tl;dnr version:
Are you good at Flash and want to participate in a collab? Then PM me or post on the forum with your best work and I'll let you know if you can be in the collab or not.

Auditions for 'Did You Hear That? Vol 2'

Posted by Noodle - January 10th, 2010

As of today, my second ever game, Pirate Launch, hit 100,000 views on Newgrounds! I've been watching it's view count for a couple days now as I saw it climbing on up. The game was never front paged, so I was really excited to still garner so many views. My second closest submission has 53k only (and it was frontpaged). So I'm pretty excited for that!


Well, in my last postI was desperately trying to find a physics programmer to help with a game. About a month after I hadn't gotten any responses. BUT, an old buddy of my brothers is in some sort of computer sciences/programming course at University.
He's serious a super mega genious. He has never done actionscript before, but he believes he can pick it up as he goes along to be able to make a game! That's ridiculous man. There is no way we'll finish for the Winter Flash off, but whatever it should still be fun.

All the character art is finished, with 9 characters to play as in total! So hopefully that's enough to keep everyone interested :)


I've considered for the upcoming summer, maybe putting more focus on my Flash. I'll be finishing up Grade 12, and it will be my last year before heading off to University.
I've always assumed I'd work full time over the summer, but really who wants to do that!? It's probably my last summer to not work full time!
If I can swing it with my parents I might just keep my current part-time job and then make Flash games as a job for the summer. I have several ideas lined up that I could finally have a chance to tackle. So we'll see how that plan goes...


I don't want to get into many specifics on other projects.
-So far I have 1 movie that needs finishing up. Yup. It's still the next Goat movie.
-I'll be a part of a mini 3-man collab pretty soon. No decided date for that yet, but it will be loads of fun!
-I have ideas for about 3 different games, but I won't be starting them just yet. Maybe over the summer like I had said
-Bill's Quest is on hold again because School is busy for Senior Pelo. But it WILL get done. We have no tight schedule. I like working on something so laid back. When it's released some of the art will be 2 years old now!! I'm worried people will think that's what my current skills are. But whatever, I'll just have to prove them wrong right!

I mean, look at how dope my art is!
I sure was one bitchin drawer. I've lost my touch

Set phasers to FUN!!

Posted by Noodle - November 4th, 2009

First off, this is my first post in like 3 and a half months. Sorry to all my imaginary friends who have been waiting to hear more from me.

First, and foremost. I need a programmer!!
I'm making a snowboarding game, and need a programmer who can make a high quality physics engine (or can work well with Box 2D) for gravity in the game, moving down the hill, doing tricks, etc.
There will be lots of unlockable content, and competative highscores and all that cool jazz!
If your interested, I have a thread that outlines more of what I'll want/need in greater detail. This is just a quick summary to hopefully gain some interest.
For those interested, PM me, comment here, or post in the thread. If I see someone skilled with real interest, I can divulge some more private details of the game :)


I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who checked out LazyMuffin Gets Drafted!! It was made in about 3 days. Working on it in small bits. So getting front paged for 4 days, and getting a daily second was beyond unexpected!!
Thanks to everyone who showed support to both me, and Yotam. I was really excited to see he was down the same weekend it was front paged, and was able to see it and leave a review. It's good to hear from him on something made for him!
The ad in the movie, is also set up so 100% goes to him. So if you want to help out a bit, maybe you can help him earn an extra cent or two by clicking the add :)


Back in July I had a LOAD of plans that I wanted to put into action. From now on I've decided it will be easier to only bring up a movie or game when it's started or close to completetion. Too often projects get pushed back, and priorities change. And more often than that I go out drinking with my buddies. So... you know.

Updates on a few things:

Goat III - First I want to say I'm a fan of roman numerals. They make sequels more intense!! Second, I want to say that progress is excutiatingly slow. I keep just working in fragments on certain things. I keep starting things, and not finishing them because I think of something else to work on.

Snowboard game - currently I'm very motivated to work on this!! I'm really excited for it's potential. I just need a dedicated coder who shares a similar vision. I may be contradicting myself saying how unmotivated I've been just a second ago, but I have the creative inspiration here, and not so much in other places.

I Hate Snowmen II- I started this last year, but quit because it wasn't going to be the quality I wanted from myself. I hope that I have enough experiance working with my tablet and such that it can be done. I'll work on this till I find a partner for snowbaording. I hope to submit this in the next couple months, even if I miss a Christmas deadline.

Bill's Quest - This is the biggy. It's read "Coming Soon" In my banner FOREVER now. We have a Betareleased privately! The game is back to a crawl while we're both busy with other things. We don't have a deadline for this, and never have. But i'm just itchin to see it's global release!!


Well. I don't want to talk about anything else until they start developing beyond the story/planning phase. Hopefully I didn't get ahead of myself up there... I do that though. It's a thing of mine.

For all of you who couldn't be bothered to read any of that other nonsense I wrote. I ask you, "How good is Dexter this season!? OH MAN!!"

Need a talented physics programmer for game

Posted by Noodle - July 15th, 2009

Here are my two latest releases since my last news post.

Chalk Day - the third (1 , 2) movie in an experimental series of mine, where everything is animated on a chalkboard. Just a small weekend project to get my animators mind ready for the Summer.

Pirate Launch - a distance game, made to be a tribute to Kitty Cannon. This game was way more popular than expected! I'm so happy with how this turned out! Huge thanks to James, Hopeku and Daniel!! Couldn't have done it without you guys


Next project:
For the most part my Summer will consist of game development. I don't want to lost touch of my animator roots though. So when I finish up a few things, I can continue with my next Goat movie! This is my main series on Newgrounds (Goat Trip, Goat 51).

I mentioned beginning it like 5 weeks ago in my last news post. But I was busy with school and Pirate Launch. Now it should be the next thing on the portal from me.
Very excited for its release. As with the first two, I had a lot of help from my brother perfecting the plot. so you know it'll be good!



Epic RPG:
Bill's Quest should hopefully be hitting the internet by the end of the Summer! That is our tentative release date anyways. Pelo is kicking this game in the face, and tieing off lose ends.
I myself am redoing a few things, and making a few new things that were missed before.
That is my priority right now. This is another reason my above mention movie is on hold at the moment.
There might even be a tie in movie trailer for this, to advertise it a little bit :D

Kitty Cat (barely a hint):
Literally last night, I couldn't sleep, and when that happens my mind kicks into gear. I planned Pirate Launch in awake in bed this same way, so maybe that is a promising sign.
I honestly have 90% of it fully planned out in my head right now. But I refuse to start anything on it until I knock out the above mentioned items.

Me and Night-Mare put plans down for this shortly after the release of Heaven's Messenger (a small project to experiment on the game side of things, now look at me!!)
After everything else I've listed off is done, then I'd like to knock down animation for this. Start working on it probably mid-late August. The plot is laid out, and I have a bunch of character designs ready.
This should be a fun one!

My team decided to disband. I think it was for the best, seeing as I already have a ton of other things to focus on. We all felt it was for the best. So it worked out okay. No hard feelings


I'll finish off with a screen from the new Goat movie.

So, how is everyones Summer going so far?

Summer Games + Goat III

Posted by Noodle - June 2nd, 2009

First off, today is my birthday, so thanks to Newgrounds for making me officially 17 on the side there ;)
Now that I got that out of the way,

I recently released my very own collab!
Did You Hear That?
Comprised of my very own allstar line up of artists. Some already popular, some I believe are up and coming. They all have works outside of the collab that are definately worth a look.

Upon release it finished the day with a 3.46
It barely managed to snag a Daily 5th (got a luckybreak for once) and was generally poorly received by what I can assume was the more low-brow audience here on Newgrounds.

Since then the score has had a pretty significant pick up, and some very favourable reviews. Thank you so much to everyone for your support!
And thanks to the collab participants for your co-operation


Next up, me and StaliN98 made a game together. I think it turned out wonderfully. So much credit goes to him for doing such a spectacular job there. Very happy.
But we are having a lot of troubles finding a sponsor. So that is really disappointing. But I really look forward to it's Newgrounds/internet release.
We will also team up again for a Po3 game!

One of my other partners in crime, Pelo is done his year of college, so he has time to do some coding for Bill's Quest. AKA the longest project in the history of Earth.
That will be one of the most glorious days of my life to see that released to the world.


Animation-wise, I've started the next installment of my Goat series.
See, Goat Trip and Goat 51
I'm looking forward to getting that done. It's already a solid 20 seconds in. But the animation so far is simple, so it might slow down. Im hoping 2-3 weeks will be the absolute most for it to be done.

I also want to make a trailer type movie to coincide with the release of Bill's Quest.
It's scripted and voice acted, so I'll sit down and make that when it gets closer to a release.

Those are probably my two priority projects. I have only 1 other movie started, but it's not very long in, because the animation style will take me a lot longer. So it is shelved for the moment.


To finish off, here is one of my favorite things from my collab, animated by TheBoogley
Thank you honey dearest

New collab + more!

Posted by Noodle - March 23rd, 2009

Well, I have been in some sort of game-making mode lately.

In a few months (hopefully. Oh dear God hopefully!!) my biggest project ever, by far, Bill's Quest will be finished and ready for a release.
You can look up more about that in other news posts though.

We will also be releasing a Trailer to get some early attention for it.
I'm usually not a fan of Trailers on Newgrounds. But I think this will be cool, because it will be a bunch of original content, not just screen shots, and things taken straight from the game.


I have a small game I did art for when locked in school for 30 hours for a fund raiser.
That's pretty well all ready to go.
It is in need of a programmer. So if your looking for something small to work on, check this out
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 41764


I (apparently with 12 others) am in competition for a spot as an animator for [Visible] II
The original is a LOT of fun. And I would love to be a part of it.
But there might be some pretty stiff competition. I find out at the end of the month if I get to be a part of that or not :D


I then have plans to work on a new fairly large game with my man Lochie.
I think it should be fun!
Both to work on, and play when its completed.
I just can't get over how much I love the main character :D
No previews for that so early though.


I then have my private collab.
I set a due date, and it should hopefully be out beginning of May.
It has been fun to work on, and has turned out even better than expected!

So for the most part, I'm all tied up in games though.
My brother is worried that I will be making a full switch over. But I hope to come back strong with more movies after this gaming spree is under wraps.

Since we are all about the gameage right now though. I'll end it with a run-loop I made for a revamped Commander Keen I drew :)

Game mode initiate!

Posted by Noodle - February 4th, 2009

If you know what Febtober is, then you hold a special place in my heart.

First off. I'll let you view my latest release.
Goat Runner
Inspired by the Vad Flaaten's TT 002: Runner I

Lots of links to start us off!


Next on the board is movies.

I got like 3 seconds into a music video movie about a particular love for a particular game, involving a plumber who drives "k"arts. You know what I mean *wink wink*
But due to other projects it's on hold.

My private collab is still holding on as well.
Better than expected actually! (See my banner)
So far, I have a very fancy looking menu completed, with semi interactive type bits. And I have 3/10 parts handed in. Meaning not even my own part is handed in yet....
Still without a name also. That is sort of becoming a bit of an issue trying to think of one...

I won't get too ahead of myself in this section, because with other commitments I doubt anything else I have planned in movies right now will see that light of Febtober.
In fact I'm not even sure if either of these will!


Back to games!

My still unnamed game with me and Night-Mare is still in production. It is much farther along than before. And I hope it turns out fun for all!!

It has been deprioritzed for a small amount of time. At long last the ties are being put on Bill's Quest!!! I am so jacked and pumped at the same time! ROIDS ARE KICKING IN!
Originally put into discussion around 16 months ago. Work began on it only about 12 months ago (a YEAR!!) My end was finished 9 months ago.
This project may not be as massive as some people think for something in the works for a year. But for a 15 year old (when it began, 16 now) a bigger project could never have been imagined!!
It is actually jam packed with content!
Lots of original attacks. Not like Sonny where every attack looks the exact same

My end of it was finished about 3 months ago. Now that the engine is nearing completion some of it is being reworked. With a few additions, along with some parts being completely redone.
This thing might actually still be months away with BETA and sponsorship things, but trust me. It is NOT dead!


I should start a blog or something!
I always feel like I have new things to update that would be way too much to read in 1 news post. Even this is probably pushing it for you short attention-spanners
Maybe I should get a site....
One step at a time ;)

Febtober 09 Updates

Posted by Noodle - January 7th, 2009

I haven't updated what I've been up to since I cancelled "I Still Hate Snowmen"
Again, it's a shame. But I don't have the skill to make it how I wanted it yet.
I hope to pick it up/redo what I had done again some day.

My most recent submission: Soup, is a silly looping song from The Mighty Boosh. A TV show famous for "Old Greg". Possible to most messed up video you can find next to anything by Firth.

I made the loop in 2 days. I just chipped away at it bits at a time over those two days, just because I wanted a short simple project to work on for the end of the break.
Some have said, there is no way that you didn't have some influence from Weebl.
I most definately did. Pork and Kenya sort of inspired me to do a song loop video. I even updated the comments to say that now :)

One last thing. If you're a voice actor, who can do a nice English/British accent, somewhat like David Attenborough, I have a fake mocumentary I want to make in Flash someday.
I would really appreciate a high quality voice over for it.


Onto new things

Now that Rudy has revived the Newgrounds Collab, I'm once again signed up for that.
I have yet to start a part, since I am working on other things. But I would love to get 1 done atleast.
I won't be doing many collab this year. I plan to do like duo works and such. But not many collabs.
They are fun, but I spent 2008 practicing with them. Now I want to do more solo things.

Also on the menu,
A top secret private collab!
I picked 9 Newgrounders who I find to have very entertaining styles, quality animations, and just swell people to work with (having worked with them before)
The premise is secret for now. But I'm almost at the stage were animation can begin.
Just setting up some ground rules for now.


Last of all.

Me and Night-Mare teamed up again for another game.
I, unfortunately, sort of forgot about it. I got distracted over the holidays, and didn't get a lot done for it.
But, I hope to get that wrapped up sometime. Hopefully it turns out quite fun :D

I also told Night-Mare, that next we will make the game of his choice. He came up with an idea for one. I've been sketching concepts left and right, and I can't settle on a style that will fit
I'll keep tinkering and see what I can do I suppose.

Me and Pelo's game is still going.
My part is done. Once in awhile I find something that needs an update, but the art side of it is ready.
Pelo is a busy man though, and he is still chipping away at coding.
No rush. It's out of my hands :3

That's it for now I suppose.
Cudos if you read all that, as I'm sure you all care so much :P
Take 'er easy

Collabin + Game makin!

Posted by Noodle - December 9th, 2008

First of all, a huge thanks to all Newgrounders who saw and voted for my new movie Goat 51. This is my first solo award, and it is great appreciated. I have been in the top 10 several times, but I finally snagged it :D
Not only that, but I had some awesome reviews as well! Daily 4th, and Review Crew Pick!!

Also, to get myself in a little more of a Christmasy spirit, I updated the pictures on ym page to be Christmas themed. Hope it gets you in the mood
(Where is that winter layout!?)

I am now starting my new movie!
I was hoping to start sooner, but Goat 51 ran over time.
I'll be doing little bits of this one at a time, hopefully each day.

It will be a sequel to my first full body movie, I Hate Snowmen
The way I did the FBFing on that took FOREVER, and was limiting. So it still didn't look too great.
But I've improved 10 fold since then, and have my tablet now. I'm still new to it, but this is the perfect movie to break it in with! Although I have used it quite a bit, this movie was made for it :D

At the bottom you can see my remodeling. I'm pumped because he already looks so much better than the original.
My banner is also to advertise the movie.
So as you see it's title will be "I Still Hate Snowmen"

I'll start up a little progress blog
BBS time

December 10th, 12:00am

I started chipping away at this just the other day. Not a lot of progress yet.
But it's coming along. It has more of an opening than the first. In this one he starts in his house, rather than just jumping right into it.
Animation at 24 FPS

275 Frames
11.5 Seconds

December 15th, 11:50PM

Since I've started, I thought of an idea I want to do as a small game for winter time. Not necessarily for Christmas, as that would ne cutting it kind of close D:
But I think it should be a fun idea.

But since I'm still commiting myself to this, it may just be a bit shorter than originally planned.
Just like the original. One like a minute, maybe a bit more. Depending on how long all this FBFing takes me.

865 frames
36.0 seconds

December 20th, 8:45PM

I think I overestimated my current Flash abilities.
I am definately better than I was before. But still not good enough for the quality this movie was supposed to have.
I am sad to say it, but I feel like I need to cancel this.
Maybe next year I'll be more comfortable with my tablet, and some full-body animation.

For now, I just can't cut it.
I do have another Winter submission to work on though. It just won't be ready for Christmas

I HATE Snowmen!!

Posted by Noodle - November 10th, 2008

After a LONG time, I am starting my new animation!
I haven't done a good long, non-collab animation in months, simply because of commitment to a much larger project.
But, seeing as I've done as much on that as I possibly can for the time being, I am starting my next big project!

Way back in around March 08, my older brother and I came up with the plot for my new movie; with a goal in mind to create an original, loveable character that hopefully would be recognized Newgrounds-wide.
The character originally came into being through a collab with the VadFlaaten twins.

After having his very own movie, one close to my heart, and one I still enjoy watching to this day, Goat Trip, we felt that a new era of fully embracing my title, Goat-Man, had arrived.
Merely a week after it came out, March 12th, my brother had formulated the plot for his next big movie!

But, out of commitment to my other project, I put it out of my mind for the time being, knowing I would one day work on it again.
But in the last 3-4 weeks its been clawing at my mind. I wrote out the entire plot, exactly as I've been imagining it for months now.

What goes without saying, my abilities as an animator have grown substantially. All due to my game project. And it will be with great honor that a present this movie to show of my new improved skills. When seen in comparison to Goat Trip, hopefully people will be able to truely enjoy how I've improved.

I have made the conscious choice to keep the plot secret. So for now, it will be known simply as, "Goat Trip 2"
After seeing the little banner I will attach at the bottom of my post, I encourage viewers to guess the premise of the movie, and what teaser poster this one is mocking.
EDIT: Because the banner is now replaced, here is a link for those who never saw it

And so begins the blog.
BBS time.

--November 10th, 10:40PM--

Having the plot completely formulated. I start my journey to finishing the project I have grown to love, even before it has begun.
As progress is made, I will make additions to the blog. Maybe with teaser pictures. Along with how many frames are completed, and how far into the movie I have come.
And now that my build up into this new endeavour is finished. I shall begin my work!

--November 11th, 10:35PM--

Roughly 24 hours down already. So far:
959 frames
40 seconds
But 175 frames of that is the title animation.

Not bad for so far eh?
But I can tell you that this is the easiest part of the animation. From here on is detailed backgrounds, and mostly hard fbf work. So that will be taking me much longer.
But as long as I don't have homework or a shift at work I'll be here at my computer puting in little bits of time into this whenever I have it to spare.

--November 12th, 11:50PM--

1311 frames
55 seconds

No I'm getting into the exciting point of the animation!
All action from here on in the movie! Action and Adventure!? How can I go wrong?!

As a teaser: here is frame 975

November 20th, 10:00PM

1580 frames
66 seconds

I've been busy. School. Work. Out of town.
Not a productive week. But I how the scene I just did is looking. Hopefully I can get some more done.

No screens for awhile, because I don't want to give away any plot.

November 25th, 11:50PM

2043 frames
85 seconds

You'll notice that the first Goat Trip is animated in certain section. These are rather, "events" in the plot line that divided up the story. This will be a common element in my goat movies.
From now on each section will be much longer. In the original there were loads of short events, which fit the movie.
But this one will only have 5 events: Beginning, 3 main events, End.
Organized, no?

Frame 1200

December 1st, 11:30PM

3075 frames
128 seconds

I know my little banner said November, but I just haven't been able to get it done.
I am so close though. My guess is it will be another 30-40 seconds. So It's really not much further.
I will do as much as I can tomorrow. I'm not around Wednesday though, so that sets me back a day.
But the animation will be done soon.
But I still need to do Sound FX and find a good suiting song from the portal (which always takes some time)
I'm really looking forward to releasing this. So I'm pushing hard to put the finishing touches on it.

December 2nd, 11:50PM

4075 frames
170 seconds

I just worked on this for about 4 hours straight! That's a lot for me. For prefessionals that just any other day. But for a 16 year old doing it on spare time, that is a long time to spend in a row!!
But! The animation is finished! I'm very pleased with it. I think its an enjoyable watch.
I just hope it was the same charm as Goat Trip.

I'm away for the next 2 days or so. But when I'm back I can add sound effects, and get a good song to play in the background, then I'm in business. Ready for the portal!
Looking forward to it :D

Frame 2250

December 5th, 11:50PM

Got back today, but had to work.
I'm just putting on finishing touches. Finding the right song. Addind missing sound effects.

Seeing as it's so close to release, I might as well say it.

The name is a play on words of Area 51. And the teaser banner was making fun of X-Files.
I'm a little disappointed people didn't try and guess :(
Next time I suppose.
Seeing as it's revealed, the bottom picture is now a picture from the loading screen

December 8th, 6:16PM

I finally submitted it!!
Goat 51!

Enjoy, review, feel free to compare to the original. I want to know if the same charm remains :D

EDIT: Daily 4th, Thank you SO much!!

The Goat is back!!